FirstStar – Football Support


Founded: 2015

Founders: Werner Stahr, Managing Director; Cheng Ying; Hao Liu

Business: Knowledgenetwork, Footballschool


What is First Star doing?

First Star wants to share existing knowdledge on a longterm base. The goal is to distribute know-how and advantages evenly, comparable to Joint Ventures in other business sectors. The projects main focus ist the coaching development. Coaches will be provided with experiences and tools. The goal is to understand the complex requirements for success in team sports.


What are the unique selling points of First Star?

  • First Star has plenty of knowledge. The involved coaches have the highest UEFA coaching licence and have been part of innovative youth development programms before.
  • Coaches are the main focus. They are used as important multiplicators to build a long term value for all participants.
  • First Star aims to longlasting results and wants to initiate constant knowledge transfer and feedback loops.
  • First Star is no professionel football club that wants to market its brand in China. First Star wants to help China develope talents.
  • First Star is connected to successful professionels and integreates their experience, e.g. Jürgen Kohler (World Champion in 1990) is part of the First Star team.


Why was First Star founded?

In 2014 Werner Stahr organized a visit chinese sports academy. Officials, players and coaches wanted to experience the culture in the country of World Cup Winner Germany. Everyone enjoyed this trip but a couple of questions poped up soon afterwards: Does the result justify the effort? Which longterm effects does the visit have? First Star wants to build sustainable relationships and is no profit-maximizing company.


About First Start:

The knowledge network First Star brings together German and chinese sport and business expertise. Following the goal to establish sustainable relionships, First Star wants to educate Coaches, players and officials. The longterm goal is to help the Chinese football to be a leading player in world football.